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Goodbye, Showroom.
Hello, Inspiring & Supportive Work Environment.

A great employee experience is at the heart of our future. 

Pivot’s purpose is to create environments that support people to perform their best—and that starts with our own people. So, we put our own workplace front and center and challenged the notion of a traditional showroom, to examine how we can fully support our teams to thrive. 

When our employees are more engaged, we foster an atmosphere that drives better performance, creativity, and customer-first behavior. By providing a better EX, Pivot can in turn deliver our clients a better UX. 

How might we retool our space to effectively support our work, to be a conduit for collaboration, with touch down spaces for not only our team but open to our design partners as well? 

We brought together our designers and client support strategists to do research, gather insights, explore, and experiment in design charrettes critiqued by a team of Interior Design professionals. Now, in this prototyping and testing phase, we put the concepts into practice in our living lab. This is our Workplace Beta.   

We're excited to share this work with our A+D community as we delve into the future of the workplace, and what that means for the innovative clients we all support. 

Schedule Your Tour
of Workplace Beta

Join us for an interactive guided virtual 3D tour of our newly reimagined headquarters space. We're excited to show you around and explore how we can support our mutual clients to provide the best work environments, regardless of where work happens.

Reach out to Edward Woodill to set up a time for your tour.